Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

As you read in our PTO email (sent by Mr. Ying), we are working to have a virtual Mid-Autumn fest on our MIMS PTO YouTube Channel!

Our presentation is brought to you with support from Mr. Ying and 6th grader Evan Graham.

What is Mid-Autumn Festival and how do we celebrate?

We’ve attached activities and where to find Mooncakes in Houston. You can also read up on other stories that are sometimes told around the Mid-Autumn Festival.

First, learn the story of Hou-Yi and Chang’e: Hou-Yi-Short-Story-Chinese & Hou-Yi-Short-Story-English

Next, buy some mooncakes to celebrate. The whole family can share by slicing them into pieces: Where to buy Mooncakes in Houston

Then, build a paper paper lantern as a celebratory activity: Paper-Lantern

Finally, enjoy some fun with a Word-Search and Coloring-Pages.

During all this, join us when the pre-recorded video will go “live” Thursday, October 1 at 7 PM. You and your family will be able to go back and visit it any time.

This looks very different than how our school usually celebrates but we’re determined to do all we can, and we hope it gets your wheels turning on how we can create more online engagement opportunities and fundraising for our school together.

Thanks to our new PTO President (Kelly) and CNY Chair (Nick) for organizing!