Be Healthy USA

We hope that everyone has enjoyed their Mid-Autumn Festival activities! Our auction will remain live until October 1, so be sure to go check out all of our great auction items and instabuys.

Today we want to thank our most generous sponsor, Be Healthy USA, who graciously donated over $2500 worth of masks and hand sanitizers to MIMS! With this donation, we were able to provide a free KF94 mask for every MIMS staff member. We also included a freebie in each Art Kit that we sold.

The KF94 masks that we received are the Korean equivalent of the US’s N95, or China’s KN95. Be Healthy USA sells both 2d (clamshell shape) and 3d (flaps that unfold at top and bottom) masks, so everyone can find a shape that feels comfortable for them. Both shapes offer great protection against COVID, fine dust particles, and whatever else you don’t want to breathe in. The masks also come in various sizes, colors, and prints. Whether you want a professional looking mask to wear to work, or your child wants an adorable mask covered in dinosaurs, Be Healthy USA has got your family covered and protected!

In addition to the single use KF94 masks, Be Healthy USA also sells reusable masks, Korean cosmetics, ginseng, heating and cooling mats, and golf wear. They import only premium products from South Korea, and then they ship them (free!) to anywhere in the US. Skin care enthusiasts will know that K-beauty is widely considered the absolute best, and I am so excited to check out their sheet masks.

We are so grateful for the support that Be Healthy USA has shown MIMS, and we hope that you will show them your support when you find yourself in need of high quality masks and other Korean goods!