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MIMS Chess Club

MIMS Chess Club was founded in Fall 2018 by parent volunteers with a primary goal of helping students learn and improve chess skills. 

Club Mission

Chess is a great strategic game for kids! Evidence shows that the benefits of playing chess at a young age include improvement in literary, math, critical thinking and life skills (e.g. sustained focus, conflict resolution, respect, and more.)

The MIMS Chess Club aims to:

  • Create a chess friendly environment at MIMS that encourages students to learn and play chess.
  • Enhance and improve students’ chess skills through regular meetings.
  • Form a chess team to represent MIMS at local scholastic chess tournaments. 
  • Select and prepare students to compete at UIL Chess Puzzle competitions. 

Club Meeting Schedule

Regular Weekly Meetings 

Our club meetings for 2019-2020 kick off on Friday, September 20th, 2019, and will occur on most of the Mondays and Fridays (except HISD holidays). Our club will meet on early dismissal days. 

If the volunteer coaches need to cancel a meeting, an email will be sent to parents in advance. 

Meeting Date/Time Activities Chess Skills Grade
Monday Inhouse Tournament

(5:00 to 6:20pm)

In-school unrated tournaments. Students are placed into sections (based on their skills) to play in a tournament setting.     Open to all levels of chess players 1st to 8th
Friday Class

(4:15 to 5:15pm)

Two classes offered: beginner and advanced beginner. Coaches teach core concepts for beginner/advanced beginner students for 30 minutes. Then students play chess for 30 minutes. Beginner/

Advanced Beginner

1st to 3rd 


1st to 5th

(Advanced Beginner)

Friday Class

(5:20 to 6:20pm)

The lead coach teaches chess strategies and tactics for intermediate and advanced students for 30 minutes. Then students play chess for 30 minutes. Intermediate and Advanced 1st to 5th 



UIL Chess Puzzle Competitions

Our chess club will select three students per grade to compete in UIL Chess Puzzle three times a year. A candidate selection test will be conducted a few weeks before the meet, and then students selected will receive UIL Chess training before the competition. In 2018-2019 school year, MIMS team did a very good job at UIL chess competition and won many awards for the school. 

For more information on MIMS Chess Club, email the director at [email protected]