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Breakfast & Lunch

HISD Breakfast & Lunch Menus : Click Here

Lunch Schedule

20-21 Lunch schedule details will be added when determined by the school.

School Lunch Account

Manage student meal accounts

If you wish for your child to eat lunches provided by the school,  you will need to load money onto your child’s lunch card. To load money onto your child’s card, you will need your child’s school student ID number. You get this number from the front desk or from a report card. This number is also found at the top of your child’s report card.

You can load money onto your child’s lunch card either by handing in cash in a student envelope with your child’s name and student ID number on it to the front desk or by going online.

To load money online…

1. Go to

2. Create a new account (or log in to your existing account).  You need your child’s student ID number to do this.

3. Follow the directions to load money onto your child’s lunch card.  You can even set email alerts to tell you when your child’s lunch money is running low.  Done!

(For free or discounted school lunches, please ask the school’s front desk  or check with HISD Nutrition Services for more information.)

What can my child eat for lunch? 

Students can bring their own lunches or get the hot lunch provided by the district.  For 2019-2020, breakfast, lunch, and dinner were provided to all students free of charge.

If you pack your child’s lunch, please…

  • Packaging – Make sure your little one can open all the packaging. Cut “starter slits” on plastic packaging if needed.
  • Water – Pack a re-usable water bottle (one that your child can use independently, e.g. BellyWashers). To create a safer environment, students will not be given free access to water fountains during lunch. (SDMC-approved on August 16, 2013.)
  • No microwaving – Do not include anything that requires reheating. Again, for student safety reasons, supervising staff cannot help with microwaving. (SDMC-approved on August 16, 2013.)
    Please help us reinforce the following expectations to make SURE we have a safe environment:
    Stay in your seat
    Use an “inside” voice
    Raise your hand if you need help
    Enjoy your food (by eating it, not throwing it)

Can I visit my child during lunch? 

Yes. Visitors are allowed at lunchtime on Fridays and on their child’s birthday (and they do not need to be VIPS-approved). Visitors will sit with their children at a separate visitors table. Visitors may not invite classmates to eat with their children.