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Please complete the form below to share your time and talents as a volunteer with the MIMS PTO. Scroll down to see a brief description of what these roles entail.

Note: Before volunteering at MIMS in any capacity you must register as an HISD volunteer and go through the VIPS approval process.  Please click on the VIPS Approval link for more information. As a volunteer, you will be expected to respect and follow school rules and guidelines.

MIMS PTO Volunteer Opportunities

These committees may have chair, co-chair, and volunteer positions available. There may also be other volunteer opportunities at the school within clubs, classrooms, or the school in general. These are not listed here as they are not PTO organized.

  • Mandarin Language Support (Fluent speakers only) – examples may include help with competitions, classroom practice, or morning assembly
  • Chinese New Year Festival committees – works with CNY festival chair (board member) to support logistics, decorations, entertainment, crafts, marketplace and vendors, volunteer coordination, signage, games, and other events, including virtualization as needed this year (typically active September – January/February)
  • Mid Autumn Festival committee – works with PTO board to organize, run, and document the annual Mid Autumn Festival, including food, decorations, performances, talent show, and sociables/auction events, including virtualization as needed this year (typically active July – October)
  • Boosterthon/Fun Run committee – works with PTO board to organize, run, and document the annual Boosterthon fun run events, including working with the Boosterthon organization and admin, supporting fundraising goals, and virtualization as needed this year (typically active August – November – depending on schedule)
  • International Festival committee – works with PTO board to organize, run, and document the International Festival events, get tables and clean up organized, and coordinate events and performances with admin, faculty, and families, and virtualization as needed this year (typically active January – April)
  • Teacher Appreciation -works with PTO board to support regular teacher appreciation activities such as quarterly lunches, birthdays, teacher appreciation week events, and virtualization as needed this year
  • Fundraising – work with PTO fundraising (board chairs) and board to organize, create, and support fundraising activities and events, support sociables and auctions, and virtualization if needed this year
  • Communications and Publicity – with PTO secretary and board to maintain calendar and website, support other communication platforms
  • Volunteer Coordinator – work with PTO board and all committees to help recruit and support volunteers
  • Hospitality Committee – work with PTO board and  teacher appreciation committee as needed, plan and advertise play dates, organize monthly coffee talk (Fu Fri Yay),  outreach for new families, and virtualization as needed this year
  • PTO Membership Development (Nominating committee) – recruit parents to get involved with PTO board & SDMC (typically active January – April)
  • UIL Academics – help coach UIL categories, recruit parents and students to participate, help during UIL tournaments
  • Name that Book Team – work with teacher representatives for in-person and at-home practice, accompany teacher as parent rep to event w/students
  • MIMS Recruitment – work directly with MIMS magnet coordinator to recruit parent volunteers to lead tours during magnet season, keep recruitment materials filled, recruit potential parents to apply to our school, and virtualization as needed this year (Magnet season is September – December)
  • Uniforms and Spirit Wear – work with PTO board and vendors to place orders for uniforms and spirit wear, accept orders from PTO store and sell at PTO events, organize and distribute orders to parents
  • School supplies – work with co-chair to organize and distribute to teachers (December – August)
  • Book fair – organize book fair dates, publicity setup, breakdown, and staffing/volunteers, work with PTO board to report sales and distribute profit to school, plus virtualization as needed this year
  • MIMS School Store – order, organize, and sell merchandise for school store days, work with admin on MIMS dollars, organize volunteers to run the school store, report budget actuals back to PTO board
  • Diversity & Heritage Months – work with PTO board and faculty/admin to organize events to celebrate diversity, including various heritage/history month celebrations with speakers, activities, readers, and other events, plus virtualization as needed this year; report budget actuals back to PTO board
  • I’m interested in being on the PTO board.
  • Other