What’s up this week? September 26-30

Hi MIMS families!

Lots going on at MIMS and around the district. Most importantly to us – it’s the week of our Fall Fundraising Festival. Thanks for all the sociables you’re hosting and auction items you helped to get donated. Now it’s time to buy, buy, buy!

  • Sociables & Auction items & Qtego How-to
  • Fall Fundraising Festival
  • Bloomz
  • Fu Fri Yay
  • Spirit Night at Lemongrass Cafe

Sociables & Auction Items


We have 40+ sociables from slime to ice skating, swimming to donut decorating. Sociable purchases will open at the Fall Fundraising Festival at 7 pm on 30 September. You will purchase via Qtego’s online platform. Sociable sales will remain open (through Qtego or later through Square) until the spaces are all sold or until the host closes the sales.

We also have a few Instabuy items that aren’t exactly Sociables that will also be available, such as some free dress passes and tile purchase fundraiser.

Auction Items

Our 60+ auction items will be available for bidding starting at noon on 28 September. The bidding will remain active until 10 pm on 30 September when we will close all items that have bids. If you’re at the Fall Fundraising Festival, you’ll get live updates during the event  and will have the chance to see some of the items in person. Bids will be placed for all items via Qtego’s online platform.

Qtego How to

I’ve shared a document with complete instructions. Here are the top steps to get you started, however.

  1. Register your phone number and credit card at: qtego.net/qlink/mimspto  <— NOTE: you have to do this even if you’ve used Qtego with us before – you’re registering for THIS event!
  2. Once you register, Qtego will send you two text messages to the phone number you registered with, sharing bidding instructions and log in code. Keep the code – you’ll use it if you want to use a browser to bid!

What’s Available?

Take some time now to review the catalog of auction items and sociables so you know what you want to sign up for or bid on. Thank you to MIMS and to so many of you for the great items and ideas. We’ve got a lot of fun ahead of us!

Catalog attached – subject to change.

Fall Fundraising Festival

Friday night is our Fall Fundraising Festival at King’s Bierhaus. At the event, you’ll get to see some of the auction items, sign up for sociables, and get connected to other MIMS families.

Buy your tickets now – each ticket comes with free beer or soft drinks and the best chance to get those really popular auction items because you’ll know exactly where the price is and what you need to do to win…






As a reminder, official communication from the MIMS PTO should now be available to all MIMS parents and teachers through Bloomz. If you are still struggling to get onto Bloomz, send an email to [email protected] and copy [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help you.

Please note: If you have previously used Bloomz (like for camp or daycare), you should download the app and check there first – your notification is likely to be in the app.

We plan to post some training and best practices and do some live training at the next PTO meeting (October 7).

Fu Fri Yay

Our next Fu Fri Yay is September 30 at the French Riviera Bakery & Cafe on Chimney Rock.

Join us for coffee and great conversation. We’ll meet after drop off in the morning. This is a great way to meet new parents, ask questions or just socialize. Let’s enjoy our good fortune and blessings!

Spirit Night at Lemongrass

Spirit Nights are a great way for our community to give back. You eat at their establishment (or order their food, in the case of Dream Dinners!), tell them you’re with MIMS or drop the receipt, and they send us a check. You were planning to eat anyway, right?!

For September, we have a whole Spirit WEEK, thanks to Lemongrass Cafe in Bellaire. They’ve been long-time supporters of MIMS and their food is great!

Remember to place your receipt in the labeled jar by the cash register. Lemongrass Cafe will donate a percentage of sales to the PTO. Dine-in only through October 2.

What’s up this week? Sept. 12-16

Moon Cake, Mid-Autumn FestivalThank you for coming to celebrate Grandparents day and Mid autumn festival with us! Ms. Liu and the volunteers did a great job with organizing Grandparents’ Day lunch on Friday and we’ve heard the kids really enjoyed. And the 300+ of you who came out to join the evening festivities at MId Autumn festival on Friday night – thanks so much! And to all those who volunteered: you’re awesome. Thanks for making it happen. We had a dragon dance, a bunny to pet, some clubs to get to know, and lots of families to visit with.

In this post:

  • UIL
  • China trip
  • Spirit Wear
  • Sociables
  • Bloomz
  • Math Club
  • Clubs, clubs, clubs
  • Yearbook
  • Fall fundraising festival


Join Ms Simpson and Mr Wang for a parent information meeting on Wednesday, 14 Sept., at 5:30 in the MIMS Library if your kids (grades 2-8) are interested in UIL.

China Trip

Ms. Xia invites you all to the informational meeting for the 2024 trip to China, taking place tomorrow at 6PM on September 13th on Zoom! To learn about everything, you need to know about the trip, we will also touch base on the Trip 2023, itinerary, and scholarship opportunities! You child could actually go to China for FREE!

Students’ age 6-10 will need to go to the trip with his/her own guardians, students age 10 and up can go to the trip with MIMS teachers.

As a reminder, your family must register for the meeting to join us. If you haven’t done so yet, click the following link: https://bit.ly/3QXKx1W If you are unable to attend, please also register for the link, so that you can have access to the recording of the meeting later.

Spirit Wear

Haven’t picked up your spirit wear order yet? It will be available Friday, Sept. 16, before or after school. Questions or issues? Contact Emily.


Deadline to submit your sociables and auction items is September 17 – get your creative ideas for connecting with your MIMS families together and submit them today! Need more info about sociables? Read more…

Bloomz is HERE!

Our new communications platform, Bloomz, is HERE! Yay and great work to our new communications director, Cris Stennett. You should have gotten a notification from the system to JOIN the MIMS Bloomz group – please click to join.

We’ll provide some training soon to get you more familiar with the platform, although it is very similar to LivingTree, but for now:

  1. Join Bloomz using the link and code provided (check your email!)
  2. Update your profile to add your picture and your phone number – and to tell Bloomz how you’d like to be notified of messages.
  3. Download the Bloomz app to your phone (iOS or Google/Android)
  4. Click on “Show for all groups” on the left to see all announcements for your students and for the school when you take a look at the Feed.

Note that right now you’re all in a “homeroom” class for each of your kids and you’re in a class currently called “Solomon” that includes all parents – don’t chat to the ENTIRE class unless you’re trying to reach everyone. You can message directly to one parent, to a group of parents, or to all parents in one of your homeroom classes.

***Don’t have your Bloomz login info? Send email to [email protected] and [email protected] and we’ll try to solve for you!

Math Club Registration

Dear Parents and Students, MIMS Math Club will resume virtually (every Tuesday 5;15-6:15pm) this year.  Club Fee: $40/school year (Oct 2022-May 2023). Students from grades 2 to 8 are welcome to compete in our annual qualifying test at the date below.

Elementary/Middle School on Tuesday, Sep 27th  TIME: 5-6 PM

The tests are 1 hour each conducted virtually.  Please fill out this google form HERE (https://forms.gle/c4WEGBbuLVz4CMXs8) to register your child for the test. The deadline for registration is Sunday, September 18th at 10 pm.  Once we receive your information, please lookout for an email with the contest format close to the contest date. We will inform all parents by email of qualifying and non-qualifying results. It’s our policy to not disclose individual scores.

Mark Your Calendar: the upcoming UIL Number Sense contest offered to grade 4-8 will be held on Saturday, October 8 at Carnegie Vanguard HS, 8-30-9:30am. 

Clubs, clubs, clubs

Are you sponsoring a club? Please be sure to let PTO know about your club – there are parents who want to know what’s available (even if it’s “full” right now) and we can’t help if we don’t know the answer! Send the info to [email protected] and we’ll add to our clubs info page. If you want a yourclubhere@mimspto.org email, address, let us know that, too.


Yearbook is ON SALE right now, through October 9 – the lowest cost it will be this year! $27 for the yearbook only – more packages and personalization options coming!

Fall Fundraising Festival

Join us at King’s Bierhaus on September 30 to purchase sociables and bid on silent auction items. Buy a $10 ticket and we’ll include a beer or a couple of soft drinks. It’s intended to be an adult-focused event, but kids are allowed in the venue – you decide what would be most fun for you!

What’s up this week? Sept. 6-10

Hi all – Especially until we have our new platform, I’ll try to put everything I can up here on the PTO website. Please share with your MIMS friends!

What’s in this message

Scroll down to read about the following topics:

    • Mid Autumn Festival
    • Communications
    • Sociables & Auction Items
    • PTO Meetings
    • Drop-off, Pick-up, and You
    • Grandparents Lunch
    • Volunteers
    • Directory
    • Spirit Wear
    • China Trip

Plan for Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival is Friday, 9 September, from 6-8 pm. Pre-order food tickets for a fried rice or lo mein (vegetarian) box with a bottle of water ($5 per ticket).

Events at Mid Autumn Festival

  • Hear the Mid Autumn story & watch performances
  • Grandparents’ story table
  • Pet the rabbit
  • Arts & crafts
  • Connect with other MIMS families
  • Enjoy moon cakes
  • Pick up your spirit wear pre-orders
  • Meet the MIMS Clubs, including Robotics Club, Garden Club, and more…


LivingTree is gone, but we’re working to get Bloomz up as soon as we can. In the meantime, look for announcements here on the MIMS PTO website, on the MIMS website, and in emails from Mr. Ying.

What can you do? Make sure your info with HISD and the school is accurate and up to date.

Sociables & Auction Items

It’s time to decide what sociables you can host! Please submit your sociables by 17 September. If you have any auction items or ideas for auction items, you can submit those as well or contact our Community Fundraising Chair.

You’ll be able to BUY those sociables and bid on those auction items at our Fall Fundraising Festival on 30 September at King’s Bierhaus. We’ll gather from 7-11 pm to celebrate Oktoberfest and have some fun. The event is intended for adults, but the location is a restaurant, so kids can come if necessary.

Please pre-order a ticket so we know how many to expect – $10 buys your ticket, including a beer or a couple of soft drinks!

PTO Meeting

Here are the notes from last PTO meeting – official minutes are coming soon.

Next meeting is October 7 at noon, via Zoom.

If you have requests for topics or speakers for our next PTO meetings, let us know.

Drop-off, Pick-up, and You

So many of you have been doing a GREAT job at drop-off and pick-up. Thank you. And thanks for the volunteers who have supported the school and parents by helping with drop-off and pick-up procedures. For those who might need a little reminder, here are some key points.

  1. School hours are 8:30 to 4 pm. The doors open at 8:15 in the morning.
  2. Do not pull into or park in the teachers’ parking lot. It is reserved until after 5 pm.
  3. If you drive through the line, make sure your kids have everything they need and can get in or out of the car seats on their own. If this ISN’T the case, park and walk up to the Dragon Door.
  4. If you drive through the line, please don’t be distracted – pay attention, stay close to the car in front of you, stay to the right in first part of the line so those who want to park can drive to the left.
  5. Do NOT drop off until you get to the drop off point in the map above. Don’t drop on Alabama or in the first or second part of the lot. It’s not safe.
  6. If you need to park, use Yorktown, McCullough, or the spots in the middle of the main lot.  Don’t park in the first section of the lot. Park close to the other cars so more folks can fit.

And most vitally: Be kind, please. One of our parents got screamed and yelled at for reminding someone they were dropping off in the wrong place. That’s not cool and it’s not how you’d want your kids to be treated or to treat others. We’re all running late, feeling stressed, and worried about getting where we need to be – don’t be the one hurting other people.

Grandparents Lunch

Grandparents lunch is this week – September 9 – read on for details!

  1. Please RSVP for Grandparents Day (September 9th). The grandparent MUST sign up in Sign Up Genius.
    • We can only accommodate TWO family members (grandparents, mom and dad, uncle, and aunts, etc.) PER student.
    • Each participant must sign up for EACH student. If you have two children in MIMS and would like to have lunch with each child, you must sign up twice.
  2. Please keep in mind that lunches are limited to 30 minutes and guests should arrive 20-30 minutes before lunch to sign in.
  3. All participants must check-in at the Dragon door.
  4. We are recruiting parent volunteers for Grandparents day. Please reach out to Ms. H.Liu ([email protected]) for more information. VIPS approved only; please register to assist if you aren’t already on Ms. Liu’s list.
  5. Lunch times:
  • Prek – 10:45 to 11:15
  • Kinder – 10:35 to 11:05
  • 1st – 10:30 to 11:00
  • 2nd 11:30 to 12:00
  • 3rd – 11:10 to 11:40
  • 4th and 5th – 11:45 to 12:15
  • Middle School – 12:25 to 12:55

Volunteers Needed!

We LOVE our volunteers. Already this year, you’ve made folks very happy by helping direct traffic before and after school, by helping with spirit wear, and supporting Tuesday folders.

Here are some specific needs you can support right now – sign up and we’ll connect you!

  • Help plan Spark Park 2 ribbon cutting in November
  • Help with community fundraising or Spark Park fundraising or corporate fundraising
  • Sign up to help with Mid Autumn Festival
  • Diversity & Heritage committee needs a chair
  • Help with the boosterthon fun run
  • And many more opportunities

MIMS Directory

I still have my MIMS Directory from my first year at MIMS. We haven’t done one in recent years, but lots of folks have requested one. We’re working on it! If you want to be in the MIMS directory, please submit your info ASAP.  We’d like to have this ready for October, but only if you submit your info! We won’t do the work if we don’t have a minimum of 200 families in the directory.

Spirit Wear

The spirit wear items you pre-ordered have been delivered. If you didn’t pick them up on 2 September,  you can get them on 9 September, before or after school or at the Mid Autumn Festival. Contact Middle School VP Emily Shaffer if you have questions about spirit wear.

If you have uniform items (shirts, pants, shorts, skirts) that no longer fit but are in GOOD condition, you can bring those and drop them in the used uniform bin near the front office. These items will be available for trade! You can also trade qi pao (Chinese dress). Contact Caroline Long if you have questions about used uniforms or want to volunteer to help with the swap table at Mid Autumn Festival.

China Trip 2024

Join Ms. Xia in the meeting on 13 September at 6 pm on Zoom. See meeting details and register for the meeting here: https://bit.ly/3QXKx1W. Registration is mandatory, so don’t wait!

Ms. Xia will provide you more information regarding the trip details, itinerary, pricing, and scholarship opportunities! (your child can actually go to China with us for FREE!!!) Please register!

Let’s Communicate Better!

Hi families –

Just a quick update for you on our communications options.

Right now, both PTO and MIMS Admin use LivingTree to do “push” communications (meaning those that email or text you). Unfortunately, LivingTree is no longer going to sell the product we use, so we have to move off this platform. Our new platform is called Bloomz. PTO has signed the contract and are working actively with the MIMS Admin team to get it rolled out and get us and you all trained on it.

Some of you are still getting posts from LivingTree, but I know not all are. Both MIMS Admin and MIMS PTO are doing our best to share the information other places. Please try to be patient while we continue to work on this issue. Here are some spots you can try – if you know something others don’t, SHARE!

  • If it comes from MIMS PTO, we’ll post the info here on our site. Always.
  • Mr. Pyles and MIMS Admin are posting their announcements to the MIMS website.
  • All MIMS families are welcome to request to join the unofficial Facebook group. Just make sure to answer the questions and the admin for the group will add you. NOTE: it’s *not* an official site of the school or the PTO.
  • Most grade levels have their own Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups – just ask around!
  • I know there’s an active WeChat group and we ask any parents who are part of that to share the information we share here or on LT or Fb to that as well.

We promise that as soon as possible, we’ll get Bloomz rolled out to you! Email [email protected] if you have ongoing questions or comments.

Upcoming events – and staying connected!

Did you know that you can subscribe to the MIMS PTO calendar? We put new events on the calendar every day, and it can be tough to keep up with everything. But if you subscribe to the MIMS PTO calendar, you can have them show up on the calendar you look at every day!

  1. Go to the Calendar.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click the Subscribe button.
  3. Choose a type of calendar, such as you personal Google calendar, an Outlook calendar, or a variety of others.

You can subscribe all events (the default), but you can also choose a category or tag at the top of the calendar before you subscribe – that will subscribe you to those categories or tags only.

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events – and we hope you’ll subscribe to the calendar to keep up with all we’re doing!

Upcoming Dates

  • 22 August – First Day of School
  • 22 August – Boohoo Woohoo & Spirit Day Fundraiser
    (8 am-1 pm at Dish Society 5740 San Felipe St 77057 – 20% back to MIMS PTO)
  • 26 August – Fu Fri Yay – at Whole Foods
  • 31 August – MIMS’ Moms Night Out – 6:30 pm at Warehouse 72
  • 1 & 2 September – Spirit Wear Delivery – (before & after school)
  • 1 September – Open House
  • 2 September – next PTO General Meeting – 8:45 am in the Cafeteria
  • 5 September – Labor Day Holiday – no school
  • 9 September – Grandparents’ Lunch
  • 9 September – MIMS Mid Autumn Festival
  • 17 September – Deadline to submit Sociables & Auction items
  • 30 September – Fall Fundraising Festival


Start Submitting Your Sociables!

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about what sociable or sociables you want to host!  This a fun and great way to help raise funds for our school!

What is a Sociable?

A sociable is a party or event that you throw – by yourself or with a group, for adults or kids or both – just pick a theme any theme! You pay the costs and we sell the tickets at our Fall Fundraising Festival. The funds raised through ticket sales go to the PTO to help pay for things like the new gym floor that our school needs, water bottle fillers, Quizlet, other teacher supplies and subscriptions, and more.

Submit your sociables today!

Sociables are also one of the BEST ways to get to know other MIMS families – they’re so much fun! Here are some examples of sociables from years past:

  • Halloween Story Time – we had Mr. Ying come read a Halloween book in Chinese; we read one in English; we did Halloween crafts; we ate pumpkin food. We co-hosted this event with a teacher and held it right after school.
  • Songs & Soju – an awesome team of moms held a moms & teachers event where we ate and drank and sang karaoke
  • Dragons Love Tacos – we read the book, at dragon-themed food, made crafts, played dragons
  • Gymnastics – hosted at a gymnastics gym where the kids played and had snacks
  • Cookie decorating – lots of versions of this for kids, for adults, Christmas-themed
  • Crawfish boil
  • MIMS Mini- Mudder
  • Super Groovy 70’s Disco Party ( Adult Only)
  • Mother Daughter Tea
  • Mediterranean Dinner
  • Mixing It Up with Mini Chefs at Dream Dinners
  • Bollywood Social
  • 4th Grade Boys Video Game Party
  • Mixology for MOMS
  • Pre-K Holiday Books & Jammies
  • Gingerbread House Decorating
  • Just Dance Disco Party
  • End Of The Year Pool Party
  • Yoga
  • Tennis
  • and so many more!

Submit your sociables no later than September 17 – tickets will go on sale at the Fall Fundraising Festival and be on sale until all tickets are sold. The earlier you send in your item, the more time you have to advertise or promote your event and/or item!! If you have any questions, email [email protected].

Join us for the first day Boohoo – Woohoo!

What’s a Boohoo – Woohoo, you ask?

Some of us are a little sad or worried about our kids starting school or going back to school.

Some of us are SO happy and excited that the kids are starting or back in school.

The Boohoo-Woohoo is our chance to celebrate (or commiserate) with you on the first day.

Join us at Dish Society (5740 San Felipe St #100, Houston, TX 77057) on 22 August from 8:15 am – 9:30 am.

Note: Dish Society is giving 20% back to MIMS for your spending from 8 am – 1 pm! Be sure to tell them you’re with MIMS PTO so we get our spirit fundraising.

Aug 17: Join us for the first MIMS PTO Meeting of the year

Join the MIMS PTO Board for our first general PTO meeting of the year, immediately following your Teacher Meet & Greet event on August 17.

PTO is sponsoring popsicles on the playground from 4-4:30 after the Meet & Greet. Then at 4:30, come to the MIMS cafeteria, where we will:

  • Share calendar of events
  • Answer your pressing questions
  • Tell you how to get involved
  • Share info on ordering uniforms/spirit wear

Questions? Have something you’d like to address at the meeting? Send it to [email protected].



Order MIMS Spirit Wear & Uniforms Today!

MIMS Spirt Wear and school uniform items are now available for pre-order.

MIMS will go back to enforcing dress code policy in 2022-2023. Purchase your MIMS – branded clothes, signs, and magnets now until August 13 at midnight.  Orders will be available for pick-up at MIMS on September 1st and 2nd.

During the pre-order period, you can add a MIMS magnet for 50% off!  PLUS: Don’t forget to add a Year of the Tiger t-shirt – these are uniform code approved and can be picked up at the Meet & Greet on August 17!

School supplies

School suppliesIf you missed the deadline to order school supplies online and still need to purchase them for the 22-23 school year, you can find the lists here.

AAPI Heritage Month Resources

Check out these resources for learning about and celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, courtesy of our Diversity & Heritage Committee.
Celebrate HTown

St. Thomas University International Festival

The Mandarin Center of the Universities of St. Thomas and Wenzao Ursuline will be participating in St. Thomas’ International Festival on Thursday April 7, and invites the community to attend and learn more about different cultures!

It’s your turn: Join the PTO Board

We Want YOU!

And we need you. Nominations are now open for the 2022-2023 PTO Board roles and for the SDMC Parent Representative.

We encourage you to run for any and all roles – most of the current board members are all planning to step down to give new folks a chance. Oh, you’ll see them on committees and supporting our kids and teachers in other ways, but the following roles are all open for you to take a chance.

  • President
  • Elementary School Vice President
  • Middle School Vice President
  •  Secretary
  • Assistant Treasurer/Treasurer Elect
  • Community Fundraiser
  • Corporate Fundraiser
  • Festivals Director
  • Parent Outreach Director
  • Communications Director
  • SDMC Parent Representative

While we do have a few folks raising their hands for some roles, we want to hear from you. Who has great ideas? Who has experience? Who’s been at the school since it started? Who’s new and energetic?

The nominating committee wants to hear from all of you! The nominating committee includes Jack Hulland, Matthew Yang, Eboni Butler. The new bylaws ask us to present a slate of candidates at the April PTO Meeting. At that time, we will also take nominations from the floor at the meeting. Send your interest, questions, bios, and anything else to the nominating committee.

Want details on these roles? Check the new bylaws for the official details and then stay tuned here and on LivingTree as your current board talks about the roles we are hoping to share with you. See below for my experiences as PTO President – next year, I’ll be around to support the PTO and new board as the Immediate Past President and advisor.

PTO President

The PTO president sets the priorities for their board. By working with the board and administration to create an annual budget and calendar, the president determines what the board spends their time and energy focused on. As part of this primary responsibility, the president coordinates the meetings and activities of the board, and presides over and sets the agenda for both the board and general meetings. Any committee chairs that do not liaise with other board members report to the president – each board member liaises with one or two committees and supports their work directly.

In addition, the president is the primary liaison to the school administration, working with our principal directly to support the needs of the school and teachers. The president leads and supports all activities of the PTO board by taking an active volunteer role at meetings, events, and tasks, and is expected to participate in a volunteer role at PTO-led school activities. Most weeks, I spend between 5-10 hours on PTO work. More when it’s CNY or another busy time; less other weeks.

Is it a big job? Yes, of course. But you are not alone! You will have an entire board and committees to rely on, including the immediate past president to ensure historical knowledge and a good transition.

If you’re good at delegating, listening, asking the right questions, and making a strong plan, you could make a good president. Do you have an idea of what you think the school needs? What you’d like to see happen? Are you good at supporting your team, removing their obstacles, and leading with your work and energy?  Then you could be a great president.

The president is a voting member of the PTO board.

MIMS Happy Hour: Axelrad (March 25)

Please join your PTO, MIMS families, and friends for a happy hour on Marcfh 25 at 5:30 pm at Axelrad. Your kids are welcome until 8 pm.

Interested in supporting the PTO and your school next year? We’re recruiting for PTO Board for 2022-2023 and hope you will come get your questions answered about running for the board or parent SDMC representative.

MIMS Friday Happy Hour

Come meet some MIMS families at dinner/happy hour Friday night! Adults and kids are welcome at King’s Bierhaus from 5:30 – 8:30 PM.